Rose Gamino

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


LMFT #48756

Rose was born and raised in Fresno, CA. She grew up in a neighborhood where she saw first hand the everyday traumas people experience, from domestic violence, gang violence, to unsafe living environments. Rose saw how trauma impacted mental health. 

Growing up, Rose struggled in school due to sleep issues, attention issues and mood swings. This caused great anxiety. She struggled with self esteem issues and was relieved when she was officially diagnosed with ADHD in college. She was able to get the mental health treatment she needed in order to be successful.

Fueled by her empathy to help others and make mental health more accesible, Rose decided to pursue her undergrad degree in pre-marriage and family therapy. She continued on to receive her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Rose has worked in various clinical settings prior to starting her own clinic. She has continued to learn various treatment methods so she could help others, including those who struggled with the ADHD. Because of this, she has been trained in multiple treatment methods (or modalities) over her 13 years as a licensed therapist. 

EMDR and neurofeedback are Rose’s favorite modalities as she has experienced their positive impact. Rose believes in whole person healing which is why she stresses the need to learn new ways to help her clients. Therefore, Rose’s group will accept insurance and is willing to work in conjunction with other healthcare providers when there is a need. 

Rose began training and hiring associate therapists so that she could help more people receive the mental health treatment they deserve and is excited as her practice continues to grow at Gamino Family Therapy Group.

When Rose isn’t at her office you can find her with her family,  on a road trip, or hugging one of her chinchillas.

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