Gamino Family Therapy Group was established in 2010. Rose Gamino started off as a single practice practitioner for 6 years when she hired her first associate therapist. Her desire has always been to have mental heatlh services be accessible to all who may need it.

Gamino Family Therapy Group has a variety of therapists that are trained in various therapeutic interventions to meet the need of family’s and individuals that seek treatment. Gamino family therapy group accepts various insurance plans.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a resource to the community for mental health services by making therapy accessible to all, empowering them to make the changes they need to better their lives.

Our Mission

We believe in treating the whole person by providing mental health services for families and children. We help to cultivate wholeness and the tools for individuals to be successful. Our dedicated therapists are continuously learning so we can help our clients address traumas and struggles in their life so that they may live more fruitful lives. 
  • Continuous Learning

    Professional growth is an essential part of our profession so that we can treat our clients with the greatest expertise. This includes acquiring new skills, attending trainings, and seeking out learning opportunities to further care for our clients.

  • We take a whole-person approach.

    Understanding that every person comes from a unique background and worldview makes them who they are, we seek to understand the whole person, including the economic, cultural, psychological, social, spiritual, and emotional state. Further, we work collaboratively with other healthcare providers to ensure our clients are receiving the care they need.

  • Be compassionate and caring

    Creating an atmosphere where people can be themselves is important. Genuinely caring for the other person’s values and needs are understood to help them to feel seen and heard. As clinicians, we will alter our sessions to provide the necessary care for our clients. To provide accessible treatment, we will care for our clients by altering the modality of treatment when necessary.

  • Act with Integrity

    We desire to create a place of trust, reliability, and honesty. Integrity helps establish trust and patients seek out medical providers who they view as honest and reliable. Our goal is to establish open communication with team members and our clients. We will handle our clients personal details ethically and confidentially to maintain their trust.


  • Have Fun

    Helping individuals move towards healing can be serious work, but we try to incorporate fun with our clients and team members whenever possible.


Your mental health is important.

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